Green County is an online platform that works with local farms and other likeminded business to bring fresh and quality veggies, dry fruits and fruits to consumers such as yourself.

We have a two-pronged mission here at Green County: to provide affordable access to healthy food and to fight the food waste crisis.

To tell you more about our brand, all of the produce in your Green County bag is fresh farm to home and non-GMO, sourced from hand-picked farms and partners in our region and across the state. This means that they avoid using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, are prohibited from using genetic engineering or genetically modified organisms, and, according to the Agricultural Authorities, "rely on natural substances and physical, mechanical, or biologically based farming methods to the fullest extent possible."


Our founder, Pramod Sonawane, only recently discovered the gold that vegetarian cuisine is. He truly believes and aims at making this world healthier, cleaner, and greener. Green County is his small effort toward this goal. And all of us at Green County share this vision. The name of our brand is inspired by Pramod’s time in the UK and his love for the country.


Anuja Lokhande is a co-founder of Green County. She Commerce Graduate with an MBA in Finance and is pursuing a PhD in Finance from Pune University. She professional tenure has been as a Financial Analyst and a Professor teaching under graduate students.

She oversees the financial activities of Green County; forecasts the financial needs and results, manages the budgets and conducts risk management activities.